Our original plan was to provide a refuge exclusively for Mice, as there are few rescues that cater for them. However we have found ourselves also taking in other small rodents when no alternative rescue spaces have been available. The number of animals we can care for is limited by time spent on our other commitments (work and family) and also space in our home. Being a small home-run rescue means our animals receive a high standard of care, as well as all the benefits of living in a family environment.

We don’t earn the minimum £5000 in donations per year that would allow us to become a registered charity. Presently all vet bills and supplies for the rodents are self-funded, although donations to help the animals are warmly welcomed. If you would like to help but aren’t in the position to offer a monetary donation please click here to see how else you can get involved.

We’re dedicated to finding all of the animals in our care loving, forever-homes. If we feel an animal is unsuitable for adoption, or the right home cannot be found, then they will have a permanent home with us. All of the animals that pass through the rescue are given back-up for life. This means that if the new owner becomes unable to care for them for whatever reason we will take the animal(s) back and find them a new home.

All potential homes are vetted and an adoption contract must be entered into. We are always on hand to offer advice and support where needed.

We are proud to operate a strict Non-Destruct policy.

No animal will ever be euthanised for being hard to home.

Sick animals will only be put to sleep once all treatment avenues have been explored and their quality of life is about to become unacceptable.